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Design & 

Delivering tailored cloud architectures

Get a fully-operational, well-architected, modern cloud build

In 2009, when we started working with AWS, the cloud was novel, with just a handful of services. It has proliferated since, with AWS alone offering 200+ specialized services.

Novel applications and technologies such as IoT, blockchain, machine learning, and VR imply different solutions. As the demands of the tech sector have become more nuanced and differentiated, so has the cloud.

Our team of highly-qualified, certified engineers always adopt the best practices and update their technical knowledge. We are specialized and committed to the cloud.

We have successfully delivered dozens of cloud builds, with our clients repeatedly surprised by the quality.

We take responsibility for your cloud. So you can focus on your business and product.

If you are interested in specific implementation services, see also compliance and migration

How we help reap benefits from cloud technology


State-of-the-art, adaptive cloud

Your workload infrastructure shouldn’t hold back your growth. Whether you’ve realized that your legacy system is outdated, or if your project implies a cloud implementation from scratch, we design and build adaptable, flexible solutions. Let your cloud modernize and develop along with your business.

With an up-to-date design, the cloud part of the business becomes transparent and predictable.

And approaches like infrastructure-as- code allow managing and updating the architecture smoothly, giving you the confidence that you have the best possible solution.

From a complex undertaking to an accomplishment

You may have already had a negative experience in the cloud or are reasonably afraid of the looming project complexity.

Whether you ponder the cloud move on your own or with a subcontractor, you are faced with doubts and unknowns about the knowledge and skills needed to architect the optimal solution.

We solve the key problem of cloud implementation: the need for competence. By focusing on similar projects, not spreading thin, constantly updating our knowledge, retraining, and getting certified – thanks to all this, we can get things done.

Delivery on time and within the budget

Missed deadlines, cost overruns, and underbuilds are typical implementation risks. They come from not knowing the challenges ahead, the hazards, and the lack of experience dealing with niche complexities.

Delivering project after project, we plan the time and costs realistically. Using experience, we automate the work, reuse the solutions we have implemented before, and avoid the pitfalls.

Our success depends on trust

We have been working with most of our customers for many years.

Carrying out the work that requires access to the client’s sensitive data would’ve been impossible without transparency and trust.

We stand on one side, are committed to long-term working relationships, and focus first on your success.

Foundational security & resilience

Protecting your data and trade secrets from threats, hacks, and data leaks is applying the best practices and industry standards in a reliable architecture.

Security is first, not an afterthought. It is the foundation of all our architectural solutions before the business logic.

Best security practices are integral from the get-go, including:

  • Data encryption on rest and in transit
  • Differentiation of access rights
  • Widespread use of firewalls and traffic filtering
  • Cloud activity tracking, logging, and monitoring

Support, to the extent that you choose

For some companies we work with, it’s a business requirement as part of risk management to choose a contractor who can tackle and deliver the project and provide long-term support and managed services.

Other companies, on the contrary, look only for architecture design & implementation. They like to have their options for how to run and support it open. We complete the delivery with a new, up-to-date solution with necessary accesses, instructions, and documentation.

Either way, clients love working with us to deal with their cloud, and for the peace of mind they get.

Validate your ideas swiftly & inexpensively

The cloud shines when it comes to ease of testing product ideas.

We will design and deploy a cloud infrastructure to test your idea, a hypothesis, an MVP, to enter new regions — ensuring the shortest time- to-market.

The cloud tech allows for ease of deployment with the lowest CapEx (mostly OpEx). Calibrate the right load, choose in the right region, and pay-on-demand.

If the idea doesn’t take off — the folding is easy, and we’re off to test another one!

If it rips — we develop the solution further; there is no need to implement it from scratch.

Helping you get financial benefits

As an AWS partner, we are often able to assist projects and decrease their cloud spend:

The cloud vendors provide credits for their resources as they’re motivated to promote their services and onboard new customers (especially promising startups) with a long-term outlook. This practice lets you cut costs at the development, testing, and implementation stage.

Similarly to these credits, we can knock out discounts on Amazon resources.

In some cases, we can design and implement a cloud infrastructure for your project at the vendor’s expense that compensates us for the development and support of your system, reducing its cost for you, sometimes to zero.

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Technical approaches

Adaptive, Self-healing solutions

As part of automation, wherever possible, we create solutions that can adapt to changing loads and restore themselves without human input in case of failures.

Well-Architected framework

We base our decisions on the practices and recommendations of the Well- architected framework. The customer receives an industry-proven solution.

Infrastructure as Code

An approach in which you get a deployed solution, with a set of services interacting in harmony, and the source code of this infrastructure, which you can then work with and refine.

Cloud Native

Instead of just running applications in the cloud — the legacy approach, cloud native means building applications made for the cloud — a next-gen philosophy and architecture that takes full advantage of services in the cloud designed for specific workloads.


Breaking down monolithic workloads into sets of atomic services with lightweight APIs. Independent components don’t harm the whole system if their particular function fails and are easier to debug.


An approach in which you get a deployed solution, with a set of services interacting in harmony, and the source code of this infrastructure, which you can then work with and refine.


By automating processes in the cloud to the maximum, we minimize management costs and the impact of the human factor on the infrastructure.

Edge Computing

We strive to perform part of the calculations as close as possible to the user’s location, reducing the system’s latency and the load on the central infrastructure and improving the user experience.

Cloud implementation timeline


Discussion of the task, preliminary immersion in the project, and creating a strategy for the cloud project.

2.Cloud Implementation Base

Creating a communication group for successful collaboration.


A deep study of processes and audit of existing project systems and loads.


Description of the key stages of the implementation of cloud technologies.


Selection of tools and services, then developing a solution.


We run the deployment as smoothly as possible.


We test the system to see if it satisfies the specified requirements.


Assistance after the development and necessary improvements.

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