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Re-engineering your workloads for compliance

When you need to upgrade or create a new cloud infrastructure to meet the necessary legal requirements

For many tech companies today, compliance is a responsibility. Becoming and staying compliant is tricky and overwhelming, especially across multiple jurisdictions. 
What is it, exactly? Nuanced and intricate, compliance ties together technical, business, and legal aspects. We relieve you of headaches, slashing through this Gordian knot of complexity.  

Beyond necessary user-facing legal disclaimers, this is a technical job. It means a full audit of IT infrastructure, followed by a partial rebuild so that essential data is handled to the standard – the right way.

We know how to develop from scratch or re-engineer cloud infrastructure for compliance: how user data is collected, processed, stored, and protected. 

Implementation with us lets you save time and avoid mistakes, granting you confidence that your cloud infrastructure meets industry standards.

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The risks of negating compliance

Benefits of doing compliance with us

  • We will help you deal with the questions: “What is it?”, “How much will it cost us?”, “What needs to be done?” – starting from the consultation stage.
  • We don’t just “package the project with papers”. We really bring it to compliance by rebuilding your cloud infrastructure. Upon completion, the infrastructure will pass a third-party audit for compliance.
  • Your staff understands how to work further in accordance with the requirements.

What kind of work do we do

  • Audit cloud infrastructure for compliance
  • Rebuild the workloads that need to meet the requirements
  • Maintain records of compliance activities
  • Communicate with government agencies
  • Prepare and file compliance reports
  • Consult with the legal department and advise leadership and management on compliance matters
  • Develop and provide employee training on compliance policies, practices, and reporting systems
  • Identify, investigate, and report compliance issues, irregularities, and violations

Standards that we help comply with: GDPR and HIPAA

At Ohmycloud, we audit whether your cloud infrastructure is compliant and re-engineer the workloads that necessitate it.

We specialize in two compliance standards. If you handle personal data of EU and UK citizens, we facilitate GDPR compliance. For processing personal health information, we help you comply with HIPAA.
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

HIPAA is a set of standards for handling personal health information (PHI) privately and securely. It was adopted by the US Congress and has become a de-facto worldwide ruleset. Adhering to HIPAA is recommended for companies that handle health-related data in any country.

The risks of HIPAA violation and mishandling PHI include fines, imprisonment, individual and class litigation, and business-damaging media coverage.

AWS provides services as components, and our skillset is to build a custom solution with these services for a specific business, project, workloads. We know how to take your case through all the stages of HIPAA compliance.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Companies collecting and processing personal data in the EU and UK are subject to upholding various privacy and security requirements. 

GDPR was created to protect privacy rights. The foundation is that people have the right to see what personal data tech companies have about them and how they’re using it.  

An organization should make sure It’s easy for the customers to request, correct, and ask you to stop processing and delete their data. 

GDPR transparency and data protection rules require you to conduct an audit to determine what information you process, who has access to it, and how you keep it safe. 

Additionally, for GDPR accountability and governance, it’s recommended to designate someone responsible for ensuring GDPR compliance across your organization. 

At Ohmycloud, we built numerous compliance implementations and know how to do them for your project.

The complete GDPR.EU
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Compliance project timeline


We will help you understand the standard, why your project needs (or does not need) it, how much it will cost, and what implementation work will be done.


A detailed evaluation of your infrastructure: the types of data, business logic, and data access processes. We assess how compliance requirements will affect these components.


We build a roadmap detailing the cost estimation for the work required, with all the components that must be implemented to bring your project to the standard.

4.Technical implementation

We introduce changes and transform your infrastructure, constantly communicating with your developers and provide details for all the steps.


Preparing the necessary instructions, training your team to work within the framework of the standard, and answering your questions.

6.Legal support

We will provide you with an understanding of the legal nuances and help you go through all the registration processes.

7.External Validation

We interact with the vendor and the external auditor and obtain the necessary documentation to comply with the standard.


We will provide support in the post-deployment period and answer any questions that arise when compliance transformation is done.

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