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To pave the way, you need to see where you are now. After the briefing, getting to know each other, and forming a holistic view of the upcoming tasks, the audit is the first working stage of gaining knowledge about your project.

This is diving into your architecture and going through checklists. This is the identification of weaknesses in the cloud infrastructure, its multilateral examination, and testing of significant indicators.

When you are a responsible stakeholder, manager, CTO, sleep-disturbing questions can trouble you: Am I secure about the workloads of my project? Do we risk crashes, downtime, and vulnerabilities? Are we ready for traffic spikes? Are we wasting resources and money?

The audits are integral to cloud transformation. They precede the choice of solutions for implementing new architecture, migration, and optimization projects.

And if you only need a better understanding of your infrastructure, you can request an audit as a stand-alone service with no commitment to implementation.

Together with the Chaos engineers, we achieved the set goals. Now KLER owns modern cloud infrastructure in AWS, that meets our stringent requirements for durability, scalability, availability and reliability. ‍‍DevOps engineers from Chaos Gears really delivered what we were looking for. The whole process was running without any business disruption. With their effective troubleshooting and responsiveness, the Chaos team has proved to be a reliable partner.

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