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Cloud consulting

Cloud consulting: from idea to roadmap

Let’s discuss the options, estimate risks and benefits, and draw up a step-by-step action plan

Every cloud project begins with evaluation and advisory. 

If an audit allows you to understand your infrastructure thoroughly, consulting services give you the knowledge to navigate options and possibilities for a competent transformation.

Cloud consulting and audits often go hand-in-hand as we immerse ourselves into your current infrastructure, look into existing problems, and offer tailored solutions in tune with your vision.   

This evaluation process is essential for our mutual understanding of the status quo and subsequent planning, designing, building, and operating phases. 

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Cloud architecture 

Our cloud guidance will allow you to:

  • Grasp the possibilities of cloud architecture before the implementation phase
  • Get a tailored selection of solutions, services, and tools that will bring you tangible value
  • Envision the strategy and lay out the tactics of your transformation effort
  • Understand how to mitigate risks and mistakes
  • See realistic costs
  • Make an informed decision about whether the benefits from new technology outweigh the obstacles to adoption

Main vectors of cloud consulting


Navigating the right solution

Cloud consulting is like a “shot” to avoid needless errors and wasting resources.

Even a 30-minute free briefing can advance your project and save hundreds of work hours.

You will get access to experts who successfully solve similar problems and will explain what to do next.

Transition to Cloud Native

AWS is like a candy store that offers 200+ specialized services with elastic on-demand subscriptions that would traditionally be too costly to implement or even try out.

We will develop a transformation strategy from rigid, poorly scalable, and management-intensive workloads to native cloud computing and help you swiftly adapt to cloud services. 

Compliance: GDPR, HIPAA

When your infrastructure demands compliance and you’re poised with the question: “What needs to be done?” — let us help you deal with overwhelming legal and technical issues, develop an implementation plan, and calculate the cost and timing.

DevOps and CI/CD

Modern release practices are a necessity for today’s applications. We will perform an audit and make a plan for the implementation of continuous software development cycles
and delivery of releases.

Performance & Cost Optimization

You’ll get a plan to improve the performance and reliability of the system, taking into account the workloads and tasks at hand.

Let us plan to reduce cloud infrastructure costs while maintaining system efficiency and reliability.

Security & Reliability Improvement

We will audit the infrastructure on data management, integrity, and system resilience. Then you will understand the industry’s best practices, and finally, we will draw up a strategy to improve the system’s security, reliability, and fault tolerance.

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A typical advisory process


Discussion of the task and preliminary immersion in the project.

2.Cloud Implementation Base

We create a communication group with designated responsibilities and accountability for successful collaboration.


A deep study of processes and audit of existing project systems and loads.


A proposal of architecture solutions before the implementation phase, selection of required tools and services.

5.Implementation or Migration Roadmap

Description of the key stages of the implementation of cloud technologies.

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