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Cloud audits

Shedding light on problems in your system

Achieve a complete understanding of your cloud infrastructure to competently build its transformation

To pave the way, you need to see where you are now. After the briefing, getting to know each other, and forming a holistic view of the upcoming tasks, the audit is the first working stage of gaining knowledge about your project.

This is diving into your architecture and going through checklists. This is the identification of weaknesses in the cloud infrastructure, its multilateral examination, and testing of significant indicators.

When you are a responsible stakeholder, manager, CTO, sleep-disturbing questions can trouble you: Am I secure about the workloads of my project? Do we risk crashes, downtime, and vulnerabilities? Are we ready for traffic spikes? Are we wasting resources and money?

The audits are integral to cloud transformation. They precede the choice of solutions for implementing new architecture, migration, and optimization projects.

And if you only need a better understanding of your infrastructure, you can request an audit as a stand-alone service with no commitment to implementation.

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A comprehensive workload analysis


Well-Architected Review

Adhering to the principles and best practices of the AWS framework, we audit and provide a report of your infrastructure on the pillars of:

  • Operational Excellence: improving processes and procedures
  • Security: privacy and integrity of data, access controls & protecting systems
  • Reliability: failure prevention & recovery planning
  • Performance Efficiency: selecting tools & resource types and sizes based on workload requirements
  • Cost Optimization: assessing spend over time and scaling without overspending

Security and Resiliency Analysis

When we are ready for the ethical hacking process, we coordinate the time of penetration testing both with your team and the cloud provider. 

We perform tests at different system levels, trying to “break” it.

In the end, you get a report on the identified problems and the behavior of the system, its components, and in general.

Evaluating performance and scalability

This is a study of your workload to highlight the bottlenecks and scaling capabilities.

After getting access to logs & metrics, we rank requests to the system by importance and frequency and coordinate the testing period.

We stress and load test the system, simulating traffic spikes by bombarding your system with user requests, then gauge its operation.

The resulting report will show what worked well and what needs to be fixed.

Examining DevOps and CI/CD processes

An in-depth look at the technical side of your application releases. We will examine the existing processes, provide a report on the identified problems and shortcomings and ways to correct them.

Incident Investigation

Recently had a security breach, a data leak, or severe downtime? Suppose you require expert help after the impact. In that case, we will conduct an independent investigation to identify the causes and draw up a plan to prevent future emergencies.

Cloud Native Assessment

Do you employ the right services for specific tasks and workloads? Do you carry responsibilities that can be offloaded to AWS? Do you have to manage too much unnecessarily?

Let’s analyze how effectively your workload takes advantage of the cloud. 

Costs conclusion

A thorough review of the current cloud infrastructure expenses where we study the technical details of your workload to identify costly components.

Upon completion, we will provide cost optimization recommendations such as less expensive analogs of system components, using the AWS discount program, and savings than can be had by transitioning to cloud native.

Compliance Analysis 

We answer whether your infrastructure complies with industry standards such as GDPR & HIPAA.

You can use this type of audit to periodically check your project for compliance with regional standards.

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Audit timeline


Meeting you and preliminary immersion in the project.

2.Cloud Implementation Base

Creating a communication group between our teams for successful collaboration.

3.Coordinating the audit 

Specific audits are needed when security and AWS engineers are alerted about the upcoming testing events on the system.


A deep study of processes and audit of project systems.


You get actionable knowledge — structured, legible, and coherent.

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