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Creating a failover 
 cluster for an online store

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Founded in 1973 by a master upholsterer, KLER has over the years become a leading manufacturer of high-quality furniture for Central and Eastern European markets. Now the company delivers its products globally – with many sales taking place through its online store established in 2015.
KLER keeps growing and showcasing new collections at renowned furniture fairs, e.g., Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, the world’s largest trade fair of this kind, and also has to meet increasing traffic to its online store.

Buyers’ growing interest in furniture that will meet expectations in terms of quality and design has made KLER luxury furniture even more popular and more frequently purchased by customers from around the globe. Along with expanding into other markets, KLER wanted to provide the highest possible customer service, which inextricably entailed providing a flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure.

As a company dealing in luxury goods, the necessity to meet the highest standards has always been clear to KLER. However, being able to provide high-quality products along with equally high levels of customer care online comes with its own set of unique challenges.

To ensure a seamless shopping experience for its customers and stay ahead of the curve, KLER chose AWS – the most trusted cloud provider, and Chaos Gears, a team of top-notch engineers with experience implementing DevOps practices, as partners in its cloud journey.


We managed to meet all the goals we set out to achieve. Despite not being able to implement the best-case scenario we envisioned initially, our team provided KLER with a scalable, highly-available, reliable and durable infrastructure which continues to serve as a future-proof basis for further business growth.

Automated scaling, load balancing and resource management took many burdens off of employees, simultaneously allowing for a more efficient allocation of resources based on actual demand, capable of automatically reacting to high short-term variance.

KLER’s technical teams suffer from drastically less configuration friction and finally have a reliable development and testing environment at their disposal. A well thought-out CI/CD pipeline binding it with the production environment gives them the necessary confidence to experiment and innovate, without the risk of taking down the client’s entire online presence in case of a mistake.

Automated processes replaced many manual tasks which previously – and frequently – took hours to complete, while the overall architecture that is now in place lends itself naturally to automate even further menial labor. It is now easier than ever for KLER to focus its resources on its core competencies and meet actual business goals as it looks towards the future, instead of being bogged down by legacy.

As this case exemplifies, it is not sufficient to simply move one’s infrastructure to a public cloud to actually reap all the benefits that are commonly associated with such a migration. Without proper practices and the right mix of expert knowledge and experience – or simply a partner like Chaos Gears – such a move can leave you confused as to why all the promised benefits did not materialize in practice.

Last but not least, the company is no longer left on its own, lacking any documentation of its infrastructure whatsoever. Having established the key ingredients to the client’s success online, we continue to cooperate with KLER, providing on-going operational support as it keeps moving forward.

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