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Welcome to OhMyCloud

We are a Cloud Consultancy specializing in developing, implementing, and running cloud infrastructures.

We strive to stand out from competition by tuning in to our clients’ needs and caring to implement the most fitting and cost-effective solution for them, not sell a cookie-cutter one.

We most often tackle cloud problems for startups, scale-ups, high-load services, and online retailers who need a partner that takes care of their cloud infrastructure.

A certified AWS Consulting Partner, Ohmycloud is headquartered in Estonia, working as a distributed team since 2016, with lead specialists clocking industry experience since 2009. Delegating the cloud to us means less work for you, letting you get back to your product and business growth with peace of mind. Feel free to choose time for a briefing call!


You do product, we do cloud


Our services

We build cutting-edge, cloud-native infrastructure solutions, cut costs, and solve compliance for tech companies


Cloud Audits

Get a complete, detailed understanding of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Consulting

See the options, risks, and benefits of your cloud strategy.



Design & Development

Get a fully-operational, well-architected, modern cloud build.


Successfully transition from legacy to cloud with all its benefits.


Transform your cloud infrastructure to meet the legal requirements.


DevOps & Cloud Management

Outsource time and cost-consuming routine cloud operations.


Performance, Cost & Security

Revitalize your cloud infrastructure and cut costs.

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We sell only expertise in cloud services

Certified AWS Partner

You outsource the cloud to recognized AWS-certified experts.

Our engineers undergo training and regular qualification checks, and are always up to date with the newest cloud services and solutions to ensure the best results. We also regularly engage Amazon Web Services experts to solve problems together and leverage AWS best practices.

Last but not least, our partnership with Amazon opens access to best pricing and procurement for our clients.

No hidden earning mechanics

Some cloud companies receive a percentage of the volume of purchases of customer cloud resources and are incentivized that you spend more. For them, the vendor is the paying
customer. That is a conflict of interests.

We do not resell the cloud and do not earn from the volume of your payments – we sell our expertise. We are interested in finding the best solution for your project. For us, the client is the only customer, not the vendor.

A part of your team

Just like an in-house team, we can work back-to-back with your developers, participate in sprints as well as plan long-term changes.

At the same time, you do not need to deal with hr-processes, training and managing cloud specialists. You can be confident that your project always has enough working hands, and you can rely on us being there 24/7.

Strict confidentiality

Our business is based on trust.

Without transparency and adherence to strict security rules, clients wouldn’t entrust us with the necessary level of access to crucial business data: financial indicators and market information, sensitive customer data, tech developments and unique solutions.

Focused on startups

We understand startups and growing businesses.

We know the realities and the problems of bringing products to the market that startups face, and how to get around the pitfalls — both from the technical side and from the organizational side.

When you’re focused on product, we help you scale your cloud workloads gracefully, not live from one disaster to another.


We are fluent with most up-to-date cloud services, and successfully deploy architectures for our clients, one after another.

Solving any cloud problem

You do product You do product

Event Agency E-commerce Start-up
Web studio Saas Investment fund
Manufacturing Media Retail

We do cloud We do cloud

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